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Don't waste time, take action now

The United States Department of Labor issued a final 408(b)(2) regulation in February 2012. This final regulation was meant to clarify exemptions from fees considered to be "reasonable and appropriate". This regulation took effect July 1, 2012. Changes to regulation 404a-5 also took effect August 31, 2012. Under these new changes, plan sponsors are required to engage considerably more, in order to avoid being penalized. 

This presentation will:

  • Define "covered plans"
  • Clarify what "broker status" and "fiduciary status" means
  • Show you how to start taking action to avoid penalties

Don't wait until you are penalized to take action. Find out what you need to know to avoid these fees and what you can do to prepare your business. Contact us to receive your FREE "Fee Disclosure Action Plan" presentation.


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